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About Microsoft 98-382 Exam

The Microsoft 98-382 exam measures the ability of the specialists to identify and write syntactically correct JavaScript code. It also evaluates their skills in using data types that are supported by JavaScript. In addition, the applicants should possess the competence in identifying and writing JavaScript code, which can logically solve a specified problem. The intended audience for this test is those individuals who have no less than 100 hours of instruction or practical experience with the JavaScript programming language. It is recommended that they know the features and capabilities of JavaScript and also understand the processes of writing, maintaining, and debugging well-documented and well-formed JavaScript code. Thos qualifying exam leads to earning the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript certification.

Exam Details

The individuals can expect about 40-60 questions of various types. The Microsoft 98-382 test is available in the English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, French, and German languages. The registration fee is $127. The specialists can register for the exam through Pearson VUE or Certiport.

Those students who do not attain the passing score have to retake the test. To avoid it, ensure that you understand the exam content. Microsoft does not offer any official course for this test. The candidates can try to find some helpful materials on various online training websites. On the other hand, they can consider using exam dumps and practice tests. These tools can help you get familiar with the test-taking process and question patterns. In addition, they can help the professionals polish their skills. At the same time, it is important to be sure that you use verified resources from reputable platforms.

Exam Topics

The candidates who plan to nail the Microsoft 98-382 test need to get acquainted with its domains as early as possible. It is recommended that the individuals download the official exam blueprint and explore its information in detail. Here are the highlights of the subject areas that are included in this certification test:

Programming with JavaScript Keywords, Methods, and Operators: The first section evaluates the proficiency of the applicants in:

  • Completing or debugging code, which utilizes assignment and arithmetic operators: It includes assignment, compound assignment operators, decrement, increment, subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, and modulus.
  • Implementing JavaScript best practices: It covers console.log, comments, indentations, non-script, naming conventions, reserved keywords, setting breakpoints, debugger keyword, and constant.
  • Evaluating the usage of inline and external scripts: It requires an understanding of when to use, how to use, and what happens when both external and inline scripts are used.
  • Implementing exception handling: It includes catch, try, and finally.
  • Completing and debugging code, which interacts with Browser Object Model (BOM): It covers the competence in managing state, determining screen size, and displaying dialogs.

Programming with Data Types, Functions, and Variables: This module checks the skills of the test takers in the following:

  • Declaring and utilizing variables of primitive data types: It covers an understanding of number, strings, Boolean, undefined, null, and operator types. Furthermore, the professionals need to have the expertise in checking function types, using strict, formatting numbers, and converting between data types. It also requires their knowledge of string operations, initialization, and single quote versus double quote.
  • Declaring and utilizing arrays: It includes multi-dimensional arrays, single-dimensional arrays, initialization, and iteration. The applicants should show their experience in sorting & searching arrays, defining arrays as well as using push, shift, unshift, and pop methods.
  • Completing and debugging code, which utilizes objects: It covers one’s comprehension of instantiation, methods, properties, and data objects. It also covers the expertise in localizing date format, subtracting and adding dates, and retrieving time and date parts.
  • Completing and debugging code, which utilizes built-in Math functions: It focuses on random, floor, round, ceiling, abs, max, sqrt, min, and max.
  • Completing and debugging the function, which accepts parameters and returns a value: It covers reusable code, global vs. local scope, reference vs. value, and pass parameters.

Implementing and Analyzing Loops and Decisions: As for this subject area, the examinees need to possess the ability to perform the following:

  • Evaluating expressions, which utilize comparison and logical operators.
  • Completing and debugging decision statements, including switch, if, else if, and nested if.
  • Completing and debugging loops, including while, for, do, continue, and break.

Interacting with the Document Object Model: This topic measures the competence of the professionals in the following:

  • Identifying and constructing the Document Object Model (DOM) tree: It includes window, body, document, and other HTML components.
  • Identifying and handling HTML events.
  • Completing and debugging code that outputs to the HTML document.
  • Completing and debugging code, which locates, modifies, and adds HTML attributes and elements.

Interacting with HTML Forms: The last domain assesses the experience of the individuals in the following:

  • Completing and debugging code, which retrieves input from forms and sets form field values: It requires the competence in establishing DOM paths, prepopulating values, getting values from various element types, and masking values.
  • Completing and debugging code, which performs input validation: It includes string comparisons, case, and NaN.
  • Describing the form submission process: It includes onsubmit, potential targets for the submission, and post vs. get.

Career Opportunities

Those candidates who pass the Microsoft 98-382 test and get the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript certification can think about working in the field of IT. These professionals have the abilities to decide on a web page structure and design, create reusable code, and develop the features that improve the user’s experience. Although this is an entry-level certificate, the individuals can work as a Web Developer and a Front End Developer, among others. The average salary for these entry-level specialists is $71,000 per annum.


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