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You don't have enough time to read the study guide or look through eBooks, but your exam date is about to come, right? The Google Professional Data Engineer course comes to the rescue. This video tutorial can replace 100 pages of any official manual! It includes a series of videos with detailed information related to the test and vivid examples. The qualified Google instructors help make your Professional Data Engineer exam preparation process dynamic and effective!

Google Professional Data Engineer Course Structure

About This Course

Passing this ExamLabs Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform video training course is a wise step in obtaining a reputable IT certification. After taking this course, you'll enjoy all the perks it'll bring about. And what is yet more astonishing, it is just a drop in the ocean in comparison to what this provider has to basically offer you. Thus, except for the Google Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform certification video training course, boost your knowledge with their dependable Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform exam dumps and practice test questions with accurate answers that align with the goals of the video training and make it far more effective.

This Google course is an expertly designed tutorial for attaining the Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform certificate, which is one of the most valued and highly recognized credentials provided by Google Cloud Platform. If you are looking to utilize the Google Cloud Platform in your association, then this training is definitely meant for you.

  • Individuals should have compatible devices, such as Windows, android phones, Mac, iPhones, and iPads for easy access and learning the courses
  • Students should be comfortable with the English language
  • Applicants are expected to have their own simulators or emulators
  • Candidates should have the Internet of high speed for viewing the courses
What will you learn?
  • You will learn all the topics of the certification exam
  • You will learn important concept regarding the data service of Google Cloud
  • You will also learn the skills required to deploy the management of Hadoops applications on Google Cloud

The Google course is a preparation tool that is aimed at helping the individuals obtain the required knowledge and skills to build a career in Google and Cloud. The training comes with very simple and negligible requirements, and this makes learning it the simplest and easiest way for you to join Google and Cloud so that you can follow courses and increase your compensation at work. Besides including the platform for Google Cloud, the training also considers a number of other platforms that include TransFlow, Managed Hadoop, and Big Data. Taking this course is the best way to learn the Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform, which is a path to certify the specialists like data engineers and cloud data engineers on Google Cloud Platform. This program is very important in that it helps the professionals on Google Cloud with a great platform to realize and demonstrate their skills and abilities by doing their best.

No doubt, this Google course is a very comprehensive guide. It helps the students with learning apps and advanced machines, which helps a great deal in learning. In comparison with other Google Platform certifications, this credential is quite lesser. Therefore, this means that learning and attaining it is also easier. The training mainly revolves around the professional exam. It explains each and every significant concept concerning Google Cloud. It also covers the skills required by data engineers to perform various tasks. Thus, it helps a great deal in developing the abilities, including fidelity, efficiency, fault-tolerance, security, reliability, and scalability.

This course is targeted any those individual who wants to utilize Google Cloud Platform in his or her associations. Besides, the training is the ideal guide for anyone who is looking to construct TensorFlow models and then send them on Cloud. Other candidates for this course are the individuals who are attracted in architecting figure, adjusting the settings along with different arrangements utilizing GCP. Those who want to convey serverless investigation and massive information arrangements on Google Cloud are also can be interested in learning. This Google tutorial includes the following:

  • Hadoop Foundations
  • TensorFlow on Cloud
  • Storage and Compute – Compute Engine, AppEngine, and Container Engineer
  • Security – API Keys, Identity-Aware proxying, Access and Identity Management, OAuth
  • DevOps stuff – cloud arrangement chief, StackDriver logging, observing
  • Systems administration – shared VPCs, VPN, CDN Interconnect, and Cloud Interconnect transport and HTTP layer, Virtual Private Clouds

When you learn this course, you will receive the required knowledge to build and manage databases and data structures. You will also develop the ability to design data processing system and reliability. This training also shows you how to analyze data and enable machine learning.


The course is the easiest and most perfect way of joining Google and Cloud. It allows to achieve the Professional Data Engineer certificate, which is one of the most valuable certifications that comes with few requirements making it easier for you to learn.

Job titles
  • Data Scientist
  • Cognitive Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Cloud Data Engineer
What will you be able to cope with after completing this course?
  • You will be able to use Apache Beam, Pub/Sub, BigTable, Dataflow, among other big data technologies
  • You will also be able to deploy the operation of Hadoops applications on Google Cloud
  • You will also be able to utilize TensonFlow to build the models on Cloud
  • You will be able to make informed decisions regarding Containers, AppEngine, and VMs

Didn't try the ExamLabs Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform certification exam video training yet? Never heard of exam dumps and practice test questions? Well, no need to worry anyway as now you may access the ExamLabs resources that can cover on every exam topic that you will need to know to succeed in the Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform. So, enroll in this utmost training course, back it up with the knowledge gained from quality video training courses!


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