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Don't miss out on the opportunity to get certified with the help of this ever-popular ExamLabs platform that provides you with only verified and legit Google certification practice test questions and answers in VCE format, training courses, and study guides. So, if you're looking to pass your Google certification exams then with ExamLabs practice test questions and exam dumps you can surely pass your exam quickly and easily.

Obtaining a Google certificate is what many IT specialists opt for when they think about getting certified. The certification paths offered by this vendor have flexible training options, and most certificates are free of charge. All you need to do is simply pass the required exams and the options that interest you will become yours. With the Google program, you can earn the job ready skills in high-demand career fields, including Project Management, IT Support, UX Design, Data Analytics, Cloud, Ads, and so on.

Google Certification Program

Google provides all the interested individuals with free courses and certificates that validate their knowledge and skills in using Google products. These certifications can help them gain expertise and showcase it. All in all, there are a lot of options and paths that you can choose from, such as:

Google Cloud Track

It offers 10 certifications in total, which are presented at the following levels:

  • Foundational Level

    This path has only one option that is known as Cloud Digital Leader. You don’t need to have hands-on experience with Google Cloud, but it is important to pass the 3-hour test to obtain the certificate.

  • Associate Level

    Here, you can also earn one certification that is Associate Cloud Engineer. This is a more advanced level, so you need to have some prior knowledge to go for it. Thus, you should possess 6 or more months of experience in building on Google Cloud. The 2-hour exam will evaluate your skills in planning, configuring, and deploying Cloud solutions, configuring access & security, as well as setting up a Cloud solution environment.

  • Professional Level

    There are 8 certifications available at this level, and the vendor recommends to have at least 3 years of experience in the industry for each variant. Besides that, you need to have more than 1 year of experience working with Google Cloud. The options you can choose from include the following:

    • Cloud Architect – It comes with the 2-hour test that one needs to pass in order to prove his/her skills in designing architecture for Cloud solutions and analyzing the technical & business processes;
    • Cloud Developer – The prerequisite 2-hour exam will measure your skills in building and testing apps, deploying them, as well as integrating Google Cloud services;
    • Data Engineer – You will be given 2 hours for the qualifying test, so be ready to answer the questions related to the design of data processing systems and operationalization of machine learning models;
    • Cloud DevOps Engineer – Within 2 hour of the exam, the individuals will need to show that they know how to optimize the service performance as well as build & implement the CI/CD pipelines for a service;
    • Cloud Security Engineer – This path has the test that will measure your level of knowledge regarding the configuration of network security and management of the operations within a Cloud solution environment;
    • Cloud Network Engineer – As for the prerequisite exam from this path, the applicants will need to show their skills in implementing hybrid interconnectivity & GCP Virtual Private Cloud as well as designing a GCP Network;
    • Collaboration Engineer – To be able to pass the test and earn this certificate, the students should have the expertise in monitoring the organizational operations and controlling & configuring Google Workspace services;
    • Machine Learning Engineer – To take the exam with flying colors, you need to have the knowledge of ML problems, models, and solutions as well as the ways of monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining them.

Google Ads Track

This is another popular path provided by the company, and you can choose among 6 options, which are the following:

  • Google Ads Display – The test that you should complete for this path has 49 questions that you need to answer within 75 minutes. It evaluates your ability to generate plans to increase consideration, awareness, retention, and action with the use of Google Display;
  • Google Ads Search – To validate your skills in developing the Google Search strategies with wider marketing plans of a company, it is required to take the test with 50 questions;
  • Google Ads – Measurement – If you are able to clear the exam with 50 questions from this path, you will gain an understanding of the analysis of the insights from your conversion tracking data;
  • Google Ads Video – To be able to get results from the YouTube & Google Video advertising solutions, the learners should pass the test with 50 questions and earn this certificate;
  • Shopping Ads – For this certification, the individuals must understand how the Shopping campaigns can promote local & online inventory as well as how the Smart Shopping campaigns can fulfill your marketing objectives;
  • Google Ads Apps – If you pass the prerequisite exam, you will be able to showcase your skills in enhancing app quality & discoverability.

There are no levels at this track, and all the options can be considered from the Beginner level. The certifications are free and can be taken by the candidates with a technical or non-technical background.

Google Developer Track

This track is ideal for those professionals who already have some hands-on experience and knowledge of the industry. It allows them to demonstrate their skills and proficiency with different products. Thus, there are the following options that you can choose from:

  • Associate Android Developer – This is an entry-level path proves that you have all the needed skills to develop apps that use Android services, know how to work with the UI frameworks, and have an understanding of the debugging tools in Android Studio;
  • TensorFlow Developer – To get this certificate, the candidates need to understand the building process of the TensorFlow models with the use of Convolutional Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, as well as real-world image data & strategies.

Also, please note that the professional-level paths such as Cloud Architect and Data Engineer as well as the associate-level Cloud Engineer certifications are part of the Google Developer track as well.

Career Track

This is an ideal opportunity for those individuals who want to get the job-ready skills having any level of experience. You can complete the program you like at your own pace and then make your resume competitive. All in all, this track is divided into the following categories:

  • IT Support;
  • Data Analytics;
  • UX Design;
  • Project Management;
  • Android Development.

Each of the certification programs offers certain courses that you can take for free if you schedule for a certain date. However, to earn the certificate after you have proved your knowledge, you need to pay.

There are even more programs that you can go for with this vendor, so if you want to learn more about Google Analytics, Google Marketing Platform, or other paths, we recommend you to visit the official website.

Preparation Options

Going for one of the Google certification programs guarantees that you will get the certificate you want, because each path offers the courses for your preparation. Thus, you can study the needed details of the connection with your audience on YouTube, learn how to grow your retail business with Google, understand the basics of the UX research, as well as know about the Google Cloud fundamentals. Please keep in mind that some of the courses contain the links to the platforms, which may not be available in your preferred language or require you to select one.

Before taking some of the Google exams, you can take the Knowledge Check Assessment first. This is a preparation option that helps you evaluate your current level of understanding of the key concepts tested in the path you chose. This optional prep resource is used only after authorizing with your Google account.

Career Opportunities

Besides the skills and knowledge you obtain with the Google certification program, you will be able to expect a higher income and a new position as well. You will have the opportunity to become a Network Security Engineer, an Associate Cloud & Hosting Services Engineer, a Sr. Sales Engineer, a Cloud Security Administrator, a Cyber Security Pre-Sales Engineer, a Software Developer, and so on. As for the possible salary, it all depends on the role you have. However, if taking the average income, it can be about $100,000-$210,000 per year.

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